“Consumers must demand sustainable alternatives to reduce plastic pollution,” says Manika Sheokand

Today, as we continue to live in a world filled with plastic, it can be difficult to avoid plastic. However, switching to alternatives for household items like plastic bottles and plastic packaging should be our first step in reducing plastic use. Our reigning queen, Manika Sheokand, who is on a mission to STOP THE WAR with nature, explains how she made small changes that will help save our plastic-choked planet.

“Most of the plastic items we use are single-use items, like cups, food packaging, wrapping paper, etc. I have opted for alternatives, which are not only good for the environment, but also for my health. The consumer must demand sustainable alternatives to reduce plastic pollution. As companies strive to make their packaging more environmentally friendly, with our growing interest, the amount of senseless plastic production will finally start to decrease, ”said Manika.

We can all help by making simple exchanges that will help reduce plastic pollution, such as replacing plastic items with bioplastics. Bioplastics are biodegradable or compostable and are made from natural substances instead of petroleum. These new, more earthy plastics can replace the harmful plastics around us.

Above all, she says that we have to “get rid of our laziness” to save our planet, and we totally agree. The consumer must be proactive and aware in order to be able to take initiatives. “While most companies and brands have switched to environmentally friendly products, many services like online delivery use plastic packaging. It hurts to see so much plastic waste polluting our earth. J urge everyone to get rid of this laziness and take a tour of your local market and buy as many products as possible, instead of ordering them. Take cloth bags or paper bags and do your part to Mother Earth, ”she concluded.

Bryce K. Locke