Iceland launches collection of plastic bags for home delivery customers

The supermarket’s home delivery drivers will carry specially designed liners in their vans to store all the old plastic bags given to them by customers. The drivers will then return the bags to The Food Warehouse stores where they will then be returned to the depot along with the daily store deliveries.

Over 1.1 billion single-use plastic bags were sold in the UK from 2018 to 2019, many of which were disposed of incorrectly. The new service will also provide additional convenience for customers across the country who no longer want their old bags but have no efficient way of properly disposing of them at home.

Currently, flexible plastics are generally not collected or recycled and generally end up in general household waste, with only 17% of municipalities currently collecting this material for recycling.

Richard Walker, Managing Director of Iceland and The Food Warehouse, said: “Reducing plastic production remains a top priority for Iceland, but we are also aware that much of the plastic already available is ending up. in landfills. We fight plastic pollution by providing a solution that ensures old unused plastic bags are reliably recycled and contribute to the circular economy rather than leaking into the environment.

“The new collection service will be rolled out nationwide and will help our customers dispose of their plastic bags responsibly while providing additional convenience and extra space under the kitchen sink where the majority hide. plastic bags. “

The initiative follows the installation of plastic recycling bins at all The Food Warehouse stores to help customers recycle plastic films they cannot make at home. The new bins, which will be located at the front of each store, will allow customers to recycle flexible plastic film items, including carrier bags, bread bags, product bags and magazine wrappers.

Bryce K. Locke