Initiate action for sustainable plastic waste management – Tong-Raan urges stakeholders

Tong-Raan Kugbilsong Nalebgetang (right), the supreme leader of the traditional Talensi zone in the Upper East region, addressing the dialogue

The Supreme Leader of the Talensi Traditional Zone in the Upper East Region, Tong-Raan Kugbilsong Nalebgetang, called on stakeholders in the waste management value chain to take action for sustainable management of plastic waste in the region. the country.

He said that apart from the indiscriminate littering around, plastic waste poses a serious threat to the environment as it does not easily degrade in the soil, which affects soil fertility and crop yields.

“During the dry season, if you go around the farms, you will find all the farms strewn with plastic waste, especially black rubbers.

As you know, plastics do not degrade and when they are left on our farms, they create a layer that does not allow us to obtain appropriate yields, ”he lamented.

Tong-Raan Nalebgetang made the appeal during the Graphic / Zoomlion sanitation campaign dialogue in Bolgatanga, the regional capital of the Upper East on Monday.

The dialogue was organized by Graphic Communications Group Limited (GCGL) in collaboration with Zoomlion Ghana Limited (ZGL) on the theme: “Keep Ghana Clean”.

It brought together stakeholders from various sectors to discuss sanitation issues in the region and find sustainable practical solutions to deal with the threat.

Plastic waste management

To effectively manage plastic waste, Tong-Raan Nalebgetang who chaired the event observed that it was necessary for everyone to switch from using rubbers to paper bags.

He suggested that “water companies that use plastics to package their water should also find another way to package their water for sale.”
“Water-producing companies are comfortable distributing water in plastics, but I don’t know of any rule or regulation that allows them to pay for the plastics they distribute and disperse them all over the place,” he added.

Tong-Raan, a member of the State Council, urged people in the region not to slacken their efforts to keep their environment cleaner, greener and safer, as their survival largely depends on the environment.


He commended the GCGL and ZGL for launching the campaign to generate citizens’ interest in sanitation issues.

Upper East Regional Minister Stephen Yakubu, in a speech read for him, said ensuring adequate sanitation is a shared responsibility where all must play their part to keep the environment clean.

While commending the GCGL and its partners for this laudable initiative, he called on traditional leaders to prioritize sanitation issues in their respective areas to complement government efforts to keep Ghana clean.

Concerted efforts

Daily Graphic editor-in-chief Mr. Kobby Asmah in a speech read for him by Daily Graphic deputy editor Mr. Alhassan Zakaria called for concerted efforts to achieve a clean country, saying: “When it comes to sanitation, it is not an individual matter; it is stakeholder involvement that includes all of us ”.

“The overall goal is to complement the national sanitation effort and play our part in cleaning up the environment. After declaring 2021 the year of sanitation, we are focusing on efforts to generate enthusiasm among people to adhere to good sanitation, ”he noted.

For his part, the Senior Communications Officer of Zoomlion Ghana Limited, Mr. Adams Mohammed Mahama, lamented that despite the efforts of successive governments to tackle the threat of sanitation, the situation remains the same.

He therefore called for the effective application of the regulations in force by the assemblies to punish people who encumber the environment with impunity.

Cleaning exercise

The campaign culminated with a massive clean-up exercise in the Central Business District (CBD) and the main truck terminal.

Volunteers and workers from the Ghana National Fire Service who participated in the exercise desalinated clogged pipes and swept the shoulders of main streets.

Bryce K. Locke