Pune-based EcoKaari leads the way in recycling single-use plastic waste to save the environment

EcoKaari, a social enterprise based in Pune, is making exemplary progress with recycling plastic waste into handbags and other useful items such as fashion accessories.

The company sources plastic waste from small businesses that use plastic to package food products and from NGOs working with waste pickers. They also collect plastic from many conscious citizens who donate their household plastic waste.

An Instagram video shows women artisans at the recycling center, converting multi-layered plastic food packaging into vegan and sustainable products. The video shows artisan women cutting and converting plastic packaging into sustainable fabric using a hand loom. They then sew the fabric to create products like bags and planters.

Multi-Layer Plastics (MLPs), commonly referred to as food packaging, are the second most common waste in the world. 40% of the plastic produced in the world is destined for the packaging industry.

MLP has become one of the preferred packaging materials in the fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) and packaged food industry. These MLPs are used once and thrown away, making them single-use plastics that are extremely harmful to the environment.

Multi-layer plastic (MLP) is “any material used for packaging and having at least one layer of plastic as the main ingredient in combination with one or more layers of materials such as paper, cardboard, polymeric materials, metallized layers or aluminum foil, either as a laminated or co-extruded structure.

EcoKaari advises people to shop at bulk grocery stores or the eco store where you can carry your own bags and jars.

And remember to always follow the 5Rs: REFUSE, REDUCE, REUSE, REPURPOSE, and the last option is to RECYCLE/UPCYCLE, he adds.

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Bryce K. Locke