St. Joseph’s Bags the Plastic Pollution Free School Award

CHANDIGARH,03.08.22-St. Joseph’s Sr. Sec. School, Sector 44-D, Chandigarh received the most coveted award, ‘The Plastic Pollution Free School Award’ BY for the STOP (Students Take On Plastic) campaign during the special award ceremony organized by the Department of Education. Chandigarh environment in association with Yuvsatta. While bestowing honors on the winners, Shri Debendra Dalai, IFS, CCF cum Director, Department of Environment, Chandigarh praised the phenomenal effort of the Josephian team in practicing what they preach regarding the eradication of this plastic peril.

* Students and school staff are proud to eliminate use of single-use plastic by activating the following efforts.

*The 45-day STOP campaign kicked off on Earth Day and ran until World Environment Day.

*It started with the CBC – Cloth Bag Campaign – which aimed to promote the replacement of plastic bags with cloth bags.

*It’s no secret that plastic, the miracle material we use for everything that pollutes our environment, creates perhaps the most harmful of wastes.

*The Nukkad Natak, ‘Kapde ke Bag Apnaao – Plastic Hatao’ has received much love and appreciation.

* Students reached out to citizens to beg them to switch to using cloth bags via the Cycle Rally and the HOPE Rally, showing themselves to be the real frontrunners in phasing out plastic.

* Fountain pens in government institutions such as the Mayor’s office, CCPCR and PGI for the elimination of the use of plastic.

*Huge signs and banners pledged by the little eco-warriors to denounce the use of single-use plastic.

* Awareness created by addressing Assembly in various public schools,

* A very innovative way by the school to empower eight women from the Sector 25 Colony by providing them with scraps of fabric to make cloth bags.

* The Paper Revolution is another effort that has raised awareness of the replacement of plastic bags with student-made paper bags.

* The Josephians brilliance of handcrafted wooden keychains, bookmarks made from old newspapers and paper straws, were highly appreciated at the Art Expo held at Sukhna Lake.

* The puppet show was another great attraction in which the Josephians entertained and enlightened everyone about the harmful effects of plastic.

*In addition to all these efforts, after an enlightening session on e-waste management and recycling, Josephians also participated in e-waste recycling campaigns.

*Students received prodigious praise for their tireless efforts during the Cleanliness Drive at Mini Lake, Sector 42, Chandigarh.

*Another remarkable masterstroke of Josephian was the creation of community bins.

* Members of the school leadership congratulated the winners and praised the efforts of staff and students, led by their dynamic and thoughtful leader, Principal Ms. Monica Chawla, the real force behind the success of the STOP campaign. Ms Chawla herself was overwhelmed by the outstanding response from everyone the Josephian family contacted during the campaign and said making India plastic pollution free would not be easy and responsibility. She further stated that it is by the grace of God that one has the opportunity to usher in the new generation in the right direction and she is eternally grateful to be able to do her part to make our world a better place.

Bryce K. Locke