“The EPA is working to contain plastic pollution”


Pakistan’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is determined to make the capital a plastic bag-free city and has authorized the production of plastic bags for specific sectors to reduce plastic pollution through limited use , recycling and safe disposal.

Deputy Director Sadia Munawar told media on Wednesday that the EPA had imposed expanded corporate responsibility on specified plastic bag users and manufacturers, as users were required to recycle consumed plastic bags.

She said company officials or entities would have to pay a Rs 10,000 fee to the EPA to receive the clearance along with a recycling plan to enjoy the facility.

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“Company authorities are expected to submit an appropriate recycling plan for used polythene bags that outlines how they will collect plastic bags from garbage and recycle them to avoid pollution,” she said.

She highlighted the measures taken in Islamabad, saying that Rs210,000 in fines have been imposed and 200 kg of plastic bags have been confiscated since the beginning of the current year. The manufacture, sale and distribution of plastic bags have been banned in the capital since 2019.

Published in The Express Tribune, April 15and2022.

Bryce K. Locke