The Forestry Department partners with NGOs and local bodies to remove plastic waste along the forest boundaries in Coimbatore

The Forestry Department has partnered with non-governmental organizations (NGOs), local bodies and the public to remove plastic waste strewn along the edges of the forest.

These clean-up campaigns gained momentum after litter including sanitary napkins, masks etc. was recently found in the dung heap of a wild elephant in Maruthamalai.

On Saturday, a clean-up campaign was carried out along the banks of the Vaidehi stream near Narasipuram and the volunteers removed a ton of rubbish such as polythene bags, plastic wrappers, plastic bottles and alcohol.

The ride was on a 750m stretch of Poondi Stream north of the Boluvampatti Block II Reserve Forest.

Boluvampatti Forest Range Officer T. Saravanan led the clean-up campaign which was attended by Forestry Department staff, Revenue Department staff from Thondamuthur Block, Police Station staff Alandurai, the president, vice president and conservation workers of the panchayat of Narasipuram. The waste collected was handed over to the Narasipuram panchayat.

According to District Forest Officer TK Ashok Kumar, about a ton of rubbish thrown by people in the elephant proof trench near Thiruvalluvar Nagar near Kanuvai was cleared in a collection organized by the Forest Officer of Coimbatore R. Arunkumar and volunteers from the Wildlife and Nature Conservation Trust. (WNCT) recently.

Staff from the Forestry Department, the WNCT team led by Mr. Sirajudeen and members of Nanjundapuram panchayat ward also carried out a public awareness campaign on the dangers of plastic waste.

The Ministry has informed the public that strong action will be taken against people who litter in forest areas and along boundaries.

Bryce K. Locke